Thursday, November 6, 2008

List of Scrapbooking Ideas

  • Old children's books and greeting cards can give you great layout ideas and provide pictures for embellishments.
  • Alphabet erasers and foam alphabet puzzles make great letter stamps.
  • Foil, bubble wrap, and cling wrap can be used for inking and creating your own patterned paper.
  • Old costume jewelry or hair ribbons can be recycled onto a scrapbook
  • Old decks of children's playing cards (Old Maid, etc)make cute embellishments for layouts with the kids' pictures.
  • Cut corners off colored envelopes with fancy cut scissors and then use as photo corners on your photos.
  • Cards, wrapping paper, even gift bags can be cut to make fabulous frames borders, or back drops.
  • Packing peanuts make nifty stamps to give a "textured" background to a page (you will need a large hand-full, as they do break frequently). Simply press them on an ink pad and stamp away. They are also excellent for blending chalks!!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas thanks for the tips!

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Unknown said...

Those are fantastic tips....I can't wait to ink my tin foil and bubble wrap....I actually have a layout it will work nicely on. Thanks!