Sunday, August 31, 2008

Winter skin is dry skin. As the air temperature drops, so does the humidity and you feel the difference in that dry, itchy skin. There are a few simpl

Winter skin is dry skin. As the air temperature drops, so does the humidity and you feel the difference in that dry, itchy skin. There are a few simple things you can do to protect yourself, and help your skin:

  1. Bathe in warm water, not hot. Coming in from the cold it's tempting to take a really hot, really long shower, but your skin will suffer for it. Hot water strips your skin of moisture, bathe in warm water or for shorter periods of time to compensate. The American Academy of Dermatologists suggests limiting showers to no more than 10-15 min.
  2. Use a mild soap. Avoid antibacterial or deodorant soaps. Don't wash your face in the morning, washing at night is sufficient to cleanse impurities without over-drying.
  3. Apply a moisturizer while the skin is still wet. This applies to your hands as well as your face. Moisturizing while the skin is wet helps to trap moisture in. If your hands get particularly dry in winter, keep some lotion by the sink and moisturize every time you wash.
  4. Protect your skin when you go outside. Exposed skin suffers in winter so cover up as much as you can. Gloves, scarves, hats, and mufflers will keep you warm and your skin will thank you. Don't forget that your skin is still at risk from sun damage during the winter so make sure your lip balm has an SPF of at least 15 and use it liberally.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Top Five Things You Never Discuss at Work

1. Religion
This should be a no-brainer for most. There is just too much volatility and too many people who will not think twice about arguing ‘till they are blue in the face to convince you just how wrong you are.

2. Politics
Some people can’t even live in the same household and discuss politics, so it makes sense that this should be off limits at work.

3. Personal Finances
Do you really want people to know just how broke you truly are? In my opinion, whether you are wearing designer shoes or scrounging to buy a soda, the only one who needs to know what is in your wallet or bank account is you.

4. Sex Life
I don’t care how hot you think you are, nobody in the office wants to hear about your escapades between the sheets, whether it be your husband or wife or whomever. There is nothing worse than becoming the office slut or player.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Four Ways to Find a Job in This Economy

1. Stop taking it all personally. It’s frustrating to apply for positions and not get any responses. The truth is, hiring managers and recruiters are being inundated with resumes and applications right now. The fact that they haven’t replied to your application has nothing to do with you. By personalizing the situation, you waste time and energy, often with the end result of feeling bad about yourself. Realize that if you want to stand out from the competition, you’ll have to stop wasting time and focus instead on the next best action to take.

2. Ask for feedback. Find out how you can improve your chances of being hired. When you get those opportunities to speak to employers make sure you ask for specifics: Do you have feedback on my resume? How did I do in the interview? What advice do you have for me? What can I do differently to stand out next time? Many employers welcome this as an opportunity to help someone out.

3. Be proactive. Don’t just apply for jobs online or e-mail your contacts asking for leads. Pick up the phone and make sure you follow up each contact. Call your network of friends and family and remind them of what you are looking for, and ask if they are willing to help. Be sure to ask for focused assistance. Don’t just ask them to pass on any leads they come across. Instead, ask if they have contacts in the field you are interested in or a company you would like to know more about. Will they make an introduction? If you’ve had an interview and are wondering what happened, stop wondering, pick up the phone, and find out. By following up, you demonstrate initiative and remind a busy hiring manager who you are.

4. Get out of the house and meet people. You may feel uncomfortable with the whole idea of networking. Here’s another way to look at it. It’s about getting to know people and having them get to know you. Don’t go to functions because you feel you should. Find gatherings of people with whom you have an affinity: alumni, special interest clubs, exercise groups, community associations, classes, etc. Make it your intention to simply meet people—don’t weigh yourself down with expectations! Be open to people and to having them get to know you. We help people we like. For someone to like you, they need to get to know you. Be interested in people and what’s going on in their lives. Give yourself the gift of sharing something about yourself. If you keep the focus on building relationships you’ll naturally connect with people who will want to help you and vice versa.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School Shopping on the Cheap

Take Stock: Before you hit the stores, do an inventory of what's in the house. Pull out the pens, pencils, glue sticks and whatever else you have. Know what you have so you don't come home with three boxes of loose-leaf paper only to find an unopened one in the closet. While you're at it, jazz up any unused adult office supplies, like binders, with stickers and collages to make them kid-friendly.

On the Cheap: Inflation might be hitting you hard at the grocery store, but stores like OfficeMax and Target are slashing prices like it's 1935, selling pencils for a penny and literally giving away some supplies. Keep your eyes peeled for deep discounts. Know when a Sales Tax Holiday hits your state--they usually come in August--and shop then.

Save the Gas: Buy what you can online. Many stores offer free shipping and most have huge online discounts. With gas prices through the roof, the free container of Elmer's Glue that Staples is giving away might not be worth the savings once you fill your tank. It might be cheaper to visit instead.

Do What the Teacher Says: Step away from the aisle! Avoid impulse buying. Stick to the list the teacher gave you. If Hannah Montana folders aren't on it, don't buy them. Impulse purchases add up and unnecessary supplies end up unused.

Super Size It: Buy in bulk at stores like Costco or Sam's Club. Even if you have a small family, some supplies will still be good next year or later in the year. Or, team up with another mom and do a bulk shopping run together.

College Costs: No cost hits college kids harder than textbooks. Before investing in crisp, new books for your budding scholar, check out online discounts at or's Marketplace. A new copy of the Riverside Shakespeare--a must have for any English major--can set you back $90, a used copy can cost less than half that.

Recycle, Reuse: No time like the present to help save the environment. Reuse gently used notebooks rather than buying new. Make textbook covers out of paper bags. Your kids can decorate them however they want and it teaches them about recycling. While you're at it, skip the single-serving juice boxes and invest in sports bottles so you can use juice straight from the carton.

Wait It Out: Hold off on buying new threads until after the school year starts. September is usually warm enough that your kids will be wearing their summer clothes anyway. If you think retailers are cutting costs now to get you in the door, wait until October!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Great Article I wanted to Share

How To Avoid The Hidden Hazards Of Stress And Physical Burnout

Many believe that the feeling of helplessness or burnout is caused by psychological rather than physical problems. Losing a job or a loved one, having a chaotic schedule, or maintaining an abusive or unhappy relationship are the usual reasons behind being stressed and burned out.

However, according to Dr Anna Lake, an expert in stress-related matters, this condition can also be caused by physical problems. Symptoms of burnout due to physical exhaustion may include restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, depression and even lack of concentration and memory lapses. If you feel the abovementioned symptoms, you should not give up. There are a lot of ways that can help you deal with the situation.

Beware Of The Sugar Rush

If you are feeling down, a few squares of dark chocolate can help boost your mood. However, this does not mean that you have to indulge in this sugary treat all the time. A diet high in carbohydrates, such as breads and pastas, also increases the levels of sugar in the blood. Doctors believe that the surges and dips of blood sugar levels can make people who are feeling burned out more depressed and irritable.

If you think you are stressed out, you need to stay away from sugar-rich foods in order to maintain your blood sugar to normal levels. Reducing your consumption of starchy foods, processed goodies, candies and other sugar-rich foods could dramatically improve your mood.

Eat Right

People who love consuming junk foods usually lack vitamins and minerals that are important to keep the body healthy and strong. It is but natural for people who lack nutrients in the body to feel weak, sickly and lethargic. Thus, to make your body strong and ensure that you have all the right vitamins and minerals you need in order for your body to function efficiently, you need to increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and good sources of protein

Have A Break

Always remember that you are not a robot or a machine. Your body cannot take endless hours of work. You need ample hours of sleep to revitalize your body and mind. Furthermore, a vacation or some relaxation is also necessary to recharge your system and prepare you physically, emotionally and mentally for the difficult tasks ahead

Don't Skip Exercise

Did you know that one perfect antidote for stress is exercise? Individual who live sedentary lives are actually more prone to feeling tired than those who make it a point to exercise everyday. Stretching, walking and other physical activities can not only give you more energy, they also provide you with better mood and a more positive outlook in life.

Heal Yourself With Deep Breathing

When you are in a middle of a very stressful situation, it may be a good idea to stop and start breathing deeply. When you are anxious about something or in a tight spot, you might find yourself doing things that can hurt other people and even yourself. In order for you not to do anything regrettable, it would be wise to close your eyes and slowly count to ten, while breathing deeply. After about two minutes of inhaling and exhaling deeply, you will be less tensed and stressed out.

Have A Makeover

One way to ease stress is to have a makeover. A change in hairstyle or a new pair of clothes or shoes can really make people, especially women, happy. Having a facial or buying a product that will make you beautiful like anti-aging creams to get rid of your wrinkles will also help you feel good about yourself. One product that is effective in minimizing wrinkles and improving texture of the skin is Dermaxin. For more information about Dermaxin, visit

Author's Bio
Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine
There are times to be nosy or jealous, times to pig out and times to spend money when you shouldn't. Nobody's perfect, so instead of feeling guilty and beating yourself up about flaws as insignificant as a weakness for cookies, why not just accept them? With the best of intentions, there are certain vices you just can't give we say, embrace them!

  • Laziness:

Why embrace it? Because non-stop stress and irritation are no good for your complexion and they leave you feeling grouchy. Running around like a headless chicken from work to aerobics and back to do the hoovering is knackering, especially when the new series of Desperate Housewives is on...

Handling your laziness. Don't offload your tasks onto other people. It's your perogative to be too lazy to do the ironing, but don't ask your mum to do it for you! In the same vein, don't ask your other half to fill in your tax return or your colleague to finish a job you were supposed to do. Their patience will soon wear thin!.

  • Curiosity

Why embrace it? Because it's better to ask too many questions than not enough: that way, no-one can accuse you of never taking an interest in anyone else! And because if you hadn't peeked through your boyfriend's diary, you would never have known what he was planning for your birthday and you'd have turned up for your maiden helicopter flight in killer heels...

Handling your curiosity. Be discreet and subtle. Ask questions without letting on the true extent of your nosiness! Act surprised, encouraging the other person to tell you more: "I can't get over it, Sophie couldn't have left her bloke, she seemed so happy!" From there you'll get down to the juicy details ("That's not the half of it though - she's run off with a woman!" etc.)

  • Greed

Why embrace it? Because eating well and giving in to good food makes you a sexy, attractive, good-time girl. We're blessed to live in a world with Ben & Jerry's, so it would be rude not to indulge. Virgina Woolf said something along those lines: "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." A little indulgence is good for you on so many levels.

Handling your greed. Having the odd treat isn't the same as stuffing yourself 24/7. Having a cheeky bit of chocolate for a late-night treat doesn't make you a pig! Treat yourself to reward your efforts and achievements: once you've tied up the loose ends of an assignment, treat yourself to a bar (or two!). Just get a bit of exercise from time to time to reduce the effect on your waistline and help you let off steam. If the thought of the gym makes you quiver, remember there are other activities of a physical nature that get your heart pumping - and your other half involved too

  • Pride

Why embrace it ?Because you're worth it, of course! Besides, a bit of pride is good for your ego, your appearance (the more you love yourself, the better you dress!) and your friends and family: you have to love yourself before you can love others.

Handling your pride. Don't confuse pride with a big ego and avoid superficial gestures. Sending flowers is all well and good, but actually putting some thought into why you're doing it is just as important. Telling your friend how hot she looks in her new dress is worth more than an empty gesture.

  • Gossiping

Why embrace it? Because it feels good! It means there's always something to discuss...and it's so true that Mandy had to sleep with her boss to land that promotion. And better to discuss it with the rest of the office than with Mandy herself - you certainly wouldn't want to fall out with her now she's in charge of you!

Handling your gossiping. Careful who you share things with. If you're dying to let some juicy gossip out of the bag, go ahead...but not to people who are close to the person you're dishing the dirt on. It will backfire.

  • Spending

Why embrace it? Because it's therapeutic. And if you buy three jumpers, two dresses and a pair of shoes with 50% discount, just think of the amount you've saved! New clothes make you feel good, which makes you happier and more'll never have to waste your hard-earned cash on therapy or life coaching. Shopping is good for the economy

Handling your spending. Be generous with your spending. Keep in his good books by getting him a little something each time you go on a spree (a tie, shirt or pair of socks). Show him you're thinking of him and he'll only grumble a little when he finds out you've bought yet another pair of shoes.

  • Jealousy

Why embrace it? Because who wouldn't be jealous of a man as sexy, funny and intelligent as yours? Your little attacks of the old green-eyed monster are proof of your love and show how much he means to you...

Handling your jealousy. Accept your jealousy and when you're feeling it: "Yes I'm jealous. No, I don't like the way that Barbie doll was sniffing around you". Better to have a bit of a paddy there and then (in front of aforementioned bimbo, so she knows who she's messing with) than to suffer a fortnight of insomnia. Suffering in silence and not saying what's on your mind only makes life a misery.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Secrets to Happiness

Here they are, the Three Secrets to Happiness:
  1. Good relationships. We have a human need to be close, to be intimate, with other human beings. Having good, supportive friendships, a strong marriage or close and loving relationships with our family members will make us much more likely to be happy. Action steps: Take time, today, to spend time with your loved ones, to tell them what they mean to you, to listen to them, and develop your relationship with them.
  2. Positive thinking. I’m obviously a big proponent of positive thinking as the best way to achieve your goals, but it turns out that it can lead to happiness too. Optimism and self-esteem are some of the best indicators of people who lead happy lives. Happy people feel empowered, in control of their lives, and have a positive outlook on life. Action steps: Make positive thinking a habit. In fact, this should be one of the first habits you develop. Get into the habit of squashing all negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. Instead of “I can’t” think “I can”. It may sound corny, but it has worked for me, every time.
  3. Flow. This is a popular concept on the Internet these days — the state we enter when we are completely focused on the work or task before us. We are so immersed in our task that we lose track of time. Having work and leisure that gets you in this state of flow will almost undoubtedly lead to happiness. People find greatest enjoyment not when they’re passively mindless, but when they’re absorbed in a mindful challenge. Action steps: Find work that you’re passionate about. Seriously — this is an extremely important step. Find hobbies that you’re passionate about. Turn off the TV — this is the opposite of flow — and get outside and do something that truly engages you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How to Dissolve Conflict

We can't agree with everyone about everything, and even if conflict isn't exactly pleasant, we shouldn't avoid all conflict. Here’s our advice and solutions on managing differences of opinion.

- Renew dialogue
Very often discussions come to a dead end where neither will budge and you end up burying your head in the sand and agreeing to disagree. Even if this stops further arguments, it cancels out all forms of communication and of resolving the situation. Be smarter than the person you're arguing with and start dialogue up again after a few minutes, hours or days of silence. Use this time to perfect your arguments and understand the other person's. If you're a good writer, send them a short email to recap the situation and state both your positions. You can't be interrupted when you write and you can structure your ideas better.

- Lower your tone
Why shout? To make yourself heard. Shouting works well if you need to tell someone the building is on fire, but it's the last thing you should do during a discussion: not only because you might shout yourself hoarse without getting anywhere, but because the other person will only want to scream louder to get their point across. No-one listens or respects people who shout. Make like politicians: they have an army of PR and communication experts to advise them, and they (nearly) always keep their cool. Lower your tone, even if the other person shouts, and don't get annoyed. Your apparent calmness will destabilise them and help you get your ideas across more easily.

- Use humour
Ever noticed how much a little joke can lighten the atmosphere during a dramatic situation? Humour can dissolve conflict. It won't settle the problem, but it will reduce the intensity of it and help establish communication. But take care not to confuse it with irony which can irritate the other person. Find the right moment to smile, crack a little joke or use something to distract their attention for a few seconds (a silly ringtone, slip of the tongue or mispronunciation, for example).

- Put yourself in the other person’s place
In a conflict, everyone thinks that they are right and their only objective is to get people to see that their point of view is the best. Some people are incapable of listening to other people’s point of view and believe that all ways to get people to side with them are good as long as they serve their own interests. A person who jumps the queue to be served first, for example, won't listen to arguments!
Put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand their position better and revise your own. Try to be as fair as possible and say ‘I understand your position.’ This magic little phrase can work wonders.

- Remain polite
It’s not always easy to avoid using profanities and insults when the person in front of you is angry, stubborn and doesn’t want to listen to anything you say...or worse, if they threaten and insult you. You lose all credibility if you sink to their level and insulting each other is no more use than a fist fight. Stay calm, breathe deeply and tell yourself that you can scream later when you’re alone in the toilets. Let the other person make themself look silly if they want to come out with insults, and when they've got it all off their chest ask them if they're ready to talk about it in a more civilised way.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

I have not given up…seasonal bare skin coupled with my fear of pepetual wax pain (and inability to allow regrowth to avoid such pain), has made me obsessed. The pursuit of a savior who will reveal the answer of laser hair removal for blondes continues, and yet the holy grail remains out of sight.
Below find a Q&A with Dr. Diana Nguyen of Siena Medical Aesthetics based in Newport Beach, California.
Who should *not* do laser hair removal?
Anyone who is actively tanning, via sun or sunless, shouldn’t do laser hair removal. Also, Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI are difficult, especially with the more effective Alexandrite lasers. There are Yag lasers that can be effective for these darker skin types, but they are much more painful and not as efficient. And very blond or gray hairs cannot be affected by the lasers.

I know that certain lasers work only for certain hair types/colors, and that many do not work for blond/light-haired people (like me!). What are our options?
Some options for blond and light-haired people include waxing, threading and tweezing.

Are there any dangers to laser hair removal?
Potential side effects can include temporary redness, swelling and sometimes, but very rarely, blistering. These side effects can be minimized or avoided if the correct settings are used during the procedure (a reason why it’s very important to have a properly trained medical physician perform these procedures), and if the patient refrains from any tanning procedures, including artificial tans. Also, side effects are minimized with the use of adequate sun protection. Sometimes patients may need to be pre-treated with a bleaching cream, such as hydroquinone.

Who are the best candidates?
The best candidates for laser hair removal are people with dark hair and light skin; Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3, and 4 with appropriate settings.

Any recommendations on how to find/choose the right place to go?
And what questions to ask?When visiting the location, make sure to ask what kind of machine will be used, as well as who is doing the procedure and if a doctor is onsite, or if a doctor is the one actually doing the procedure - which is unfortunately not always the case. I always stress the importance of having all medical aesthetic procedures, including laser hair removal, performed by a credible medical doctor, who understands the process of hair growth and how skin health evolves. Being treated by a doctor ensures the best possible recommendations and outcomes. Also, an Alexandrite laser works best to remove hair efficiently. Avoid IPL machines.

Dr. Diana Nguye is the owner and operator of Siena Medical Aesthetics in Newport Beach, California. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Diana, please call (949) 631-7020 or visit .

Friday, August 22, 2008

When it comes to calories, we are all pretty misinformed!
How clueless are we?

1. According to exercise physiologists, people WILDLY overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise. Many people don’t pay attention to the information that’s often provided on the machines in front of them at the gym. You must input your weight to get the accurate amount of calories burned - and to be fair, you really should subtract the number of calories you’d burn doing nothing for that same period of time (about 50 - 100 calories per hour, depending on your weight and other factors).
2. Exercise makes people HUNGRY. And since people often think they’ve burned more calories than they really have, they can end up consuming more calories than they’ve burned! So don’t use a workout as an excuse to pig out. Bad idea. BTW, studies have shown that exercisers overeat the most after a swimming workout. Interesting.
3. Most people grossly underestimate how many calories their meals contain, especially when dining out. Couple that with them overestimating how many calories they’re BURNING, and there’s a recipe for disaster!
Be careful out there, people!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feeling a little blah? What you eat can make the difference.

Feeling a little blah? What you eat can make the difference. Check out these 10 super foods, according to Dr. Nicholas Perricone.
1 AcaiA high energy berry from the Amazon
2 The Allium FamilyGarlic, Onions, Shallots, Leeks and Chives
3 BarleyMost beneficial grain
4 Green FoodsBlue Green Algae, Barley Grass and Wheat Grass
5 Buckwheat SeedMore protein than rice or wheat
6 Beans and LentilsHigh in fiber
7 Hot PeppersAnti-inflammatory analgesic
8 Nuts and Seeds
9 Sprouts
10 Yogurt or Kefir

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diet Truths By Text

This is wild.
Every so often, my BFF and I will be sitting at some random restaurant, dining or enjoying cocktails. We’ll scan the menu, and try to fool ourselves that things are healthy.
"Well, this dessert will be fine. Look, it contains a fruit!"
"Yes, this does say spicy whitefish tempura. But it’s Japanese. They fry very lightly - hardly any breading or oil at all!"
"Of course, a cosmopolitan would normally be bad for you. But this one is pomegranate. The antioxidants cancel out the sugar!"
These conversations happen quite often. But now….we are *saved*! I just read on Hungry-Girl that there’s a database of about a million restaurant foods and their calories, fat, carbs, and protein - and you can access the nutritionals simply by texting the restaurant name and menu item to DIET1 (34381). Within seconds you’ll get the answer sent to your phone!
We shall never have to lie to ourselves again

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 5 tips for straight hair

  • Your perfect brush is a flat paddle brush with wide bristles that separate the hair without damage.
  • Avoid products with alcohol in their top three ingredients. Alcohol is great at helping tame thick, wavy hair but will make fine, straight strands cling together
  • Straight hair is the shiniest as light reflects from the cuticle.To maximize your natural asset, make the last rinse a cold one as this flattens the cuticle. Also, do the last two to three minutes of your blow-dry on the cool setting with the nozzle facing downwards. Shine serums will also help.
  • If you're aiming for volume, try not to handle your hair too much. Heat and oil from your palms can be enough to make fine hair floppy.
  • You can also add volume to your hair using colour Mix highlights and lowlights in three or four different shades to create depth and texture
How to care for straight hair

  • For that very reason, the most important thing straight hair needs is a gentle shampoo. Choose one that's marked for daily or frequent washing as it's likely to be low in detergents and high in moisturizers. At the very least use opaque shampoo - this tends to include more conditioners and so is kinder to the hair.
  • Using moisturizing shampoo also means you may be able to get away without conditioner; which is the kiss of death to fine, straight hair as it weighs it down further. If you do want to use conditioning products make sure they are light (sprays are better than creams) and that you wash them out well. Never use leave-in or two-in-one products.
  • If you want to create some bounce and body in your hair; thickening shampoos are your best friends. These normally include an ingredient called panthenol, which penetrates the hair cuticle, making each strand thicken; plus, they 'negatively charge' the hair so the strands are less likely to stick together.
  • When it comes to drying, your technique depends on the effect you want to create. For sleek looks, dry hair with a dryer with a nozzle.To create volume, use mousse or thickening ge on the roots of your hair and dry against your natural parting for the majority of the session, tipping your head upside down for the last two to three minutes.

Monday, August 18, 2008

At Home Cellulite Treatment

  1. Get some used, slightly warm coffee grounds (yup, you and Mr. Coffee are about to begin a new relationship).
  2. Line the bathroom floor with newspaper and sit on the edge of your bathtub.
  3. Use a loofah mitt, or your hands, to rub your cellulite-laden areas with the coffee grounds.
  4. Let it set for a few minutes
  5. To intensify the treatment, use an old-fashioned rolling pin to further smooth out the cellulite
  6. Most of the grounds will drop to the newspaper, but enough of a residue will remain.
  7. Detoxify the area by wrapping yourself in plastic wrap-- seaweed is better, if you can find it.
  8. Let it set for a few minutes
  9. Unwrap, brush the remaining grounds onto the newspaper and shower off.
  10. Do this treatment at least twice a week for top results.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Words Of Wisdom

Being Grateful For What You Have In The Present

Use your eyes as if tomorrow you would be struck blind: Hear the music of voices, the song of a bird, as if you would be struck deaf. Touch each object as if tomorrow your sense of touch would fail-smell perfume of flowers, taste with relish each morsel as if tomorrow you could never smell or taste again.
Helen Keller
Frugal Living:
1. Look into buying used items first before just going out and buying new.
2. Eat out less
3. Brown bag to work
4. Stop online impulse buying
5. Use the library
6. Find free entertainment
7. Commute by bus or carpool
8. Quit smoking
9. Cancel subscriptions
10. Stay home more
11. Buy bargain clothing only when you need clothes

Saturday, August 16, 2008

World Records

  • The longest Monopoly game ever played was 1,680 hours long, that's 70 straight days!
  • Toronto, Ontario was home to the biggest swimming pool in the world in 1925. It held 2000 swimmers, and was 300ft x 75ft. It is still in operation.
  • Never mind what you saw in the film "The Poseidon Adventure." The biggest wave on record, reported by a reliable source, was estimated to have attained a height of 112 feet. It was measured, at some distance, I hope, by a tanker traveling between Manila and San Diego in 1933. The wind was blowing at 70 mph at the time
  • As of September 1998, the highest recorded mileage for a car was 1,615,000 miles for a 1966 Volvo P-1800.
  • The longest bout of sneezing recorded was by Donna Griffith. It began in January 1981 and continued until September 1983. It lasted for 978 days, and 4,687,514 gesundheits.
  • The deepest canyon in the USA is Kings Canyon, East Fresno, CA, which runs through Sierra and Sequoia National Forests. The deepest point, that measures 8,200 ft, is in the Sierra National Park Forest section of the canyon.
  • New York City has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world with 140. Chicago is a distant second at 68. The term "skyscraper" technically describes all habitable buildings with a height of more than 500 ft (152m).
  • The largest movie theater in the world, Radio City Music Hall in New York City, opened in December, 1932. It originally had 5,945 seats.
  • In 1935, Jesse Owens set six track and field world records in less than one hour.
  • The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.

Interesting Facts

  • Women blink nearly twice as much as men.
  • Americans eat nearly 100 acres of pizza every day - that's approximately 350 slices per second!.
  • 35% of the people using personal ads for dating are already married!
  • Babies that are breastfed are more likely to be slimmer as adults than those that are not breastfed.
  • Domestic cats hate lemons or other citrus scents.
  • Nachos is the food most craved by pregnant women.
  • McDonald's is the world's largest distributor of toys!
  • Mexico has more American residents than any other country except the United States.
  • Drivers kill more deer than hunters.
  • Women end up digesting most of the lipstick they apply
  • A real estate agent’s rule of thumb: To estimate what a house will sell for, ask the owner what its worth and subtract 10%.
  • Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, blondes to brunettes.
  • Each year, the average family uses about 18,000 gallons of water just to do its laundry!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Update your RAM

Is your computer running a bit sluggish and take for ever to load ?
Then you should probably consider updating your RAM.

Here are some of the advantages you will see when you upgrade:

  • Reduces the amount of times you see the 'Window's hourglass’
  • Extends the life of the computer
  • Faster Boot Time
  • Increased speed
  • Increased multitasking performance
  • It's the easiest and least expensive way to upgrade your computer

Ways to speed up your pc

1. Free up disk space - Use Disk cleanup in your system tools
2. Speed up access to data- Use Disk deframentation in your system tools
3. Detect and Repair Disk errors- Use the error check utility in your system tools

Thursday, August 14, 2008

* Teach Your Child the Most Important Secret *

Law of Attraction and Goal Setting for Kids – What if your child could learn the secrets of success and happiness and practice them from the early years of life? You can give that gift, with the help of three beautifully illustrated e-books. Visit

HAPPINESS – Happiness, The Secret Ingredient Is You! - By Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

How do we overcome adversity? How do we create a life worth living? How do we manage to have more positive than negative emotions? How do we get happy and how do we stay happy, most of the time? See the answer below!Discovered: The Secret Ingredient to Happiness is Ourselves! As many of you know I am a positive psychologist and happiness coach-I encourage finding out what's good about ourselves (rather than what's bad), and seeing ourselves in a positive light. I teach how to understand your own needs and your talents, and how to do the work necessary to create a life full of happiness. Here, I'd like to introduce you to a happiness creation process I developed from many years of observation, case studies, and happiness research.

To read complete article go to:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diets don’t work. Do these words surprise you? Depress you? Make you want to throw up your hands and eat a box of Twinkies out of sheer frustration? It’s no wonder so many people who embark on traditional diets give up after only a few days or weeks without experiencing the results they so desperately want. Most weight loss programs require you to change a large number of deeply engrained habits, give up your favorite foods and/or count calories, points, carbs, etc., until the entire joy of eating is gone! This approach generally results in participants feeling deprived and poorly equipped to permanently adopt healthier behaviors. Eventually, many dieters give in to their cravings and are left with an overwhelming sense of failure.

Read the complete article at

** Article: Your Business Card Can Make You Rich - By James Roche **

Your business card can bring you more leads, more clients and more riches…but only IF you know how to leverage its full potential. The humble business card has got to be the most underutilized marketing tool of all…yet it has the power to churn out riches into your bank account like a turbo-charged, cash-flow machine.

When I’m at a networking event I’m amazed that only 5% of the business cards I see are truly effective. The rest miss the mark…badly. First off, I invite you to rethink the function of your business card…

Don’t think of your business card as an ugly, functional parking lot for your name and address. Think of your business card as an elegant invitation to a fantastic party you’re having. You want lots of people to come and enjoy the fun. With this mindset, here are five keys to leverage the full power of your business card.

1. Put a Call to Action on Your Business Card
When someone hands me their business card the first thing I do is flip it over. I’m usually shocked. 95% of the time I see the same massive mistake being made…the back of the card is blank! (Or worse, it has a small advertisement for the printing company, which indicates the person didn’t want to spend the $10.00 to remove the printer’s logo.)

Use the back of your business card to present an irresistible offer and reason why someone should go to your website or contact you again. Offer them a free special report, eCourse or audio with information your target market most wants. The #1 purpose of your business card should be to invite them to take the next step in your sales process.

2. Make It Easy To Write On Your Business Card
I like to make the front of my card glossy and the back flat. This way I can write a personal note on the back where my call to action is. This personalizes the “invitation” and helps people remember you out of all the business cards they already have stuffed in their pockets.

3. Put a Photo of You On Your Business Card
Get a professional headshot and make it big on your card. You know what it’s like having a stack of cards and not remembering who’s who. But when your beautiful face is front and center people will remember you.

4. Make Your Business Card Simple
Another big mistake I see is cramming too much info on your card. Your business card isn’t there to sell people…it’s there to guide people to take one, simple step – your call to action. Don’t confuse people by giving them more than one website to visit. If you give a dog two bones they go crazy with confusion. When marketing your business give your prospects only one single action to take.Avoid odd size and shape business cards – it becomes a burden for the person carrying it.

5. Make Your Business Card Easy on the Eye
Your card also needs to be visually appealing and easy on the eye. Avoid any graphic element that isn’t essential in driving people your call to action.

Avoid handwriting fonts because they are hard to read. Also avoid super small print.

I use a graphic trick on the front of my business card that’s literally as old as the Gutenberg Bible. Artists for the past 550 years know that the three most powerful colors in print are black, white and red. The whole front of my card is black with white and red text. It’s called a reversal. This way my name pops right out.

Also, my headshot on the front is against a dark background and I’m wearing a dark suit with a red shirt and tie – again, so my face pops right out. The back of my card is all white except for my call to action copy, which is red and black. This style works for me. Your task is to find the right look and style that matches your brand.

I recommend you spend the extra money to get the best printing possible. You want your prospect to handle your business card and feel its weight and glossy front surface. It all adds to the positive, perceived image you want to make.

The look and feel of your card is for one purpose only…to make it easy for your potential client to take the call to action you indicate. Your business card is only step one of many – it’s the invitation. You must decide what your sales process looks like for your business first and THEN create your business card to support the sales funnel that will make-you-rich.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Write an Effective Cover Letter

Good cover letters are more than perfect grammar and spelling. They’re written sales pitches. To increase the odds of making your sale, you need to write your letter so it includes the following:

  • an introduction that establishes your interest;
  • a paragraph or two that sums up your strengths;
  • a paragraph that highlights your experience and education; and
  • a sentence or two that establishes follow-up action.

Making a Connection

A good introduction will interest the employer and ensure that the rest of your letter will be read. The most effective way of getting yourself noticed is to personalize your letter. Potential employers can spot a mass-mailed cover letter before reading the second sentence, so include key facts about the company or the opportunity. Better yet, if you’ve already met someone from the company, be sure to mention it. The sentence, “Nick Trist, your Senior Technical Recruiter, told me that you’re looking for a web designer. My expertise and experience can certainly be of help.”, shows an employer that you’ve spent time and energy finding out about the firm and its open positions. Personal connections are one of the best ways to capture an employer’s interest.

What Do You Do Well?

The next part of your cover letter should explain why you’ll be a valuable asset to the employer. What do you have that they want? You have a record of accomplishments, but don’t just list them—be selective in your choices. You need to persuade the employer that contributions you’ve made elsewhere demonstrate your ability to make similar contributions at his company.One mistake of many job seekers is to select the accomplishments they’re most proud of. You may think that through-hiking the Appalachian Trail validated your existence, but most employers won’t care. Be sure to remember that you’re trying to tailor your letter to the exact needs of an employer, who will care much more about your successful management of a difficult project. Just as successful sales people focus on their customers’ needs, successful job hunters focus on what different employers want.

Your Background

There’s no need to overload this section with a detailed list of jobs, degrees, and outside interests. Instead, briefly summarize what’s most relevant in your background. You’ll have plenty of space on your resume to provide details.

I’ll Be Back

The final paragraph of your cover letter should encourage the employer to contact you and indicate that you’ll be following up. Include your personal phone number and the hours of the day that are best for reaching you and say that you’ll call on a certain date to determine if there’s any interest.

Foods that speed up your metabolism:

  • Milk
  • Whole grain cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Jalapeno
  • Habanero
  • Cayenne Peppers
  • Green Tea
  • Lean Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Tuna and Sardines

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thinking about changing your hairstyle but would like to see if the cut is right for you.
Here is a website were you can upload your photo and try on the new hairstyle, then you can print the results and take it to your hairdresser.

The website is

The following steps will help you give yourself the most fabulous pedicure, without the high cost of visiting the salon:
Soak your feet in warm water (with essential oil, if you like) for about 3 minutes. Ahh!
Remove feet and apply a generous amount of sea salt or exfoliating scrub to your feet and scrub, scrub, scrub.
Rinse feet thoroughly
Use a nailbrush to remove any leftover dirt from under nails and towel dry your feet.
Take one orange stick and roll some cotton from the cotton ball onto the end. While your cuticles are still soft, gently push them back with the stick.
Take the fine emery board and file your nails into the shape you like. File in only one direction, not back and forth, working from the side of the nail to middle of nail tip and down to the other side.
Apply vitamin E cream to your newly exfoliated feet. Take the soft towel and rub off any excess cream from the toenails so your base coat will adhere properly.
Pluck any long toe hairs.
Put the foam toe separators on your feet.
Apply base coat, two coats of colour and then topcoat. Wait at least 2-3 minutes between coats.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Hugo Boss Fragrance

You get a free Huge Boss fragrance sample and you can also send a sample to a friend.

Great Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Eye make-up should be applied according to the shape of your eye. Work out what shape your eyes are so you can enhance them accordingly.
  2. Cream shadows give a shiny, glossy look and the colour doesn't last long and will need lots of re-touching. Cream powder shadows give a more natural look and are more suitable for daytime use.
  3. Dark brown eye shadow blended into the outer corners of the eyelid, can soften edges and highlight the eyes.
  4. Be careful not to apply too much loose powder to skin around the eyes as it can emphasise fine lines.
  5. Eyebrow gel is a great alternative to a heavy pencil for day make-up. Use light feathery strokes to brush and set the brow in place
  6. Always check that your eye pencil is sharp before usage. This ensures that the colour only goes on where it should
  7. Apply eyeliner in a soft fine line, as close to your lash as possible.
  8. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. This will open up the eye and give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes
  9. To tackle running mascara try applying it to your upper lash only or use a waterproof mascara on both lashes. Above all, don't rub your eyes, it can damage delicate eye tissue and guarantees racoon eyes.
  10. Mascara should be replaced every three months as it is a haven for bacteria and can quickly become clumpy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Inexpensive ways to clean your shower/bathtub, sinks and toliet bowls:
  • To clean soap film from tile, rub with lemon oil, white vinegar or househould bleach, undiluted on a cloth.
  • To prevent the buildup of soap film in the shower use a squeegee after each shower on the walls.
  • Clean shower curtains without taking them down by wiping them wih a sponge dampened with white vinegar.
  • To help prevent a ring in the tub, add a few drops of baby oil to your bath water.
  • Use full-strength white vinegar to clean tubs, sinks and toilet bowls.

Great Nail Tips

1.Filing your nails down at regular intervals instead of cutting them can increase the strength of the nail, and therefore help you to successfully grow them.

2.Nail biters can be deterred by types of nail varnish which gives the nail a bitter taste. Another way to try and stop biting your nails is to invest in false nails until yours have grown in. You won't be able to chew the false nails, and will eventually get rid of the habit. By the time you take the falsies off, your own will have grown in!

3.Change nail varnish regularly. Nails are living things with pores on their surfaces and they need to breathe. If you constantly wear varnish, nails may become weaker and more prone to breaking. They also may become discoloured, turning a slight yellowish colour.

4.Shiny topcoats available at drug stores aren't a waste of money. When worn over varnish they not only make your nails shinier and keep the varnish from chipping, they make your nails stronger too!

5.Before giving yourself a manicure, make sure to soak your hand in warm water. This not only loosens dirt beneath the nail for easy removal, it also softens the cuticle, making it easier to move back, and makes the nail itself less brittle, reducing the possibility of it splitting or cracking as you try to cut it.

6.If you're trying to get pretty, beach-ready feet, pick a shade of varnish slightly more vibrant than the shade you've used for your nails. Feet can generally handle a darker shade.

7.When picking varnish colours, bear in mind that the best nail varnish colours are ones that sit well against your skin tone. Pale pinky skin tones should go for pink or blue undertones, where olive skin can handle yellows, oranges and tans.

8.If you're trying to make short fingers look longer, pick a pale shade of varnish. Vibrant shades interrupt the line of the hand, making fingers appear shorter

Thursday, August 7, 2008

You don't have to buy jewelry cleaner again.
Here is a great substitute to clean your jewelry that works great.

To make a strong solution to clean gold jewelry, fill a small container with dishwashing liquid and 1 teaspoon of ammonia. Soak the jewelry in the solution for a few minutes , then clean with an old toothbrush. Rinse and pat dry.

Pet Insurance

I love my pets they are my children basically. Pets often get sick or hurt and need to go to the vet or even the hospital. The older your pet gets the more expensive it can be. I have have pet insurance and I think it was a good investment. It is really inexpensive and helpful when you need it.

Here are a few sites that you can learn more about pet insurance coverage.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paypal emails asking you to verify your information

For those of you that have a Paypal account be aware of this. I received an email that looks exactly like something that paypal would send asking you to verify your account. I though it was a little fishy so I called paypal and they advised it is a scam.

Here is what the email looked liked.

Problem with your account, rectify now to prevent deactivation!
Dear PayPal User,
PayPal account has generated some critical errors on our system. If this problem is not corrected, we will be forced to shut down your account. You are required to correct this problem immediately to prevent your account from being deactivated.
During our verification procedures we encountered a technical problem caused by the fact that we could not verify the information that you provided during registration. Most of your data in our database were encrypted to an unreadable format and could not be recovered due to system errors. Because of this, your account will not be able to function properly and will lead to account de-activation.We urgently ask you to re-submit your information so that we could fully verify your identify, otherwise your PayPal account will be shut down until you pass verification process.
Click here to rectify your account problem immediately
Verification of your Identity will further protect your account against possible breach of security.
We urgently ask you to follow the link above to correct this problem as soon as you have read this message. Your PayPal account security is our concern. We are very sorry for the inconveniences this might have caused you.Thank you for using PayPal!The PayPal Team
Please do not reply to this e-mail. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.To receive email notifications in plain text instead of HTML, update your preferences.
PayPal Email ID PP468

Remember that any message from PayPal will address you by your first and last name -- they will NEVER address you as "Dear PayPal User" or "Dear PayPal Member." Also, PayPal will NEVER ask you for account info, password, Social Security number, or other private information by e-mail. And NEVER click on a link within the email.
Forward these messages to , then delete.

Jury Duty Scam

Found this on the Berks County website

A new identity theft scam has been reported, this one preying upon anyone who is inclined totake a jury summons seriously -- as most of us do. A caller will claim to be a jury coordinator, inquiring about your failure to respond to a jurysummons. If you protest that you never received a summons for jury duty, the scammer will askyou for your Social Security number and your date of birth so he or she can verify their information in order to "cancel an arrest warrant."Make no mistake about it: this is an identity theft scam. The fraud has been reported so far in 11states. It is particularly insidious because they use intimidation overthe phone by pretending they are with the court system.This scam is real, and is spreading fast. It has been verified by the FBI, and additionalinformation can be found at: It can alsobe found at you experience this scam, report it to your local police department ASAP

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

How many of you suffer from IBS ? I have suffered with it for years. I used to take laxatives and over the counter products. I have tried everything. I then decided to go to my doctor when I first heard about Zelnorm. That was a great prescription and I felt as if I finally found my miracle pill. Then before you know it was pulled of the market and I thought oh great what am I gonna do now. After talking to one of my girlfriends her doctor recommended Dual Action Cleanse. I went to GNC and picked up a bottle and I have been taking it ever since. It is all natural herbs and there are no side effects. If you have IBS and have not found something that works for you give this Dual Action Cleanse a try I promise you will not be dissappointed.

For more information go to
Anti-Bloat Foods

These foods will help flush out extra water weight.

1. Grapefruit
2. Watermelon
3. Asparagus
4. Celery
5. Cucumbers

Monday, August 4, 2008

Useful tips when dining out so you don't pigout

1) Familiarize yourself with healthy cooking techniques and choose foods prepared with the least amount of fat, sugar, and salt.
2) Ask for half of the meal to be wrapped up before it is served.
3) Just leave the rest of the food on your plate when you feel satisfied. Remember -- it tastes just as good on the fifth bite as it does on the 25th bite!
4) Eat slowly!
5) Don't go out to eat STARVING -- curb your appetite with a salad, piece of fruit, or cup of broth-based soup before you go out.
6) Skip the refined white bread and butter -- it's unnecessary and nutritionally void.
7) Use condiments sparingly and order sauces, gravies, and dressings on the side.
8) Request extra veggies -- steamed, of course.
9) Share an appetizer and opt for the healthier choices -- raw bar items (clams, shrimp, crabmeat, etc).
10) Don't be shy -- ask your server about cooking techniques and request items the way you want them.

Omaha Steaks

Have you tried Omaha Steaks? I love them. And right now they have this great deal. They're throwing in a dozen of their famous extra juicy, individually wrapped burgers when you order. This is one of those friends and family deals so I wanted to pass it on to you. Check it out:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cyber Bullying

Encyclopedia Dramatica is a website spoof of Wikipedia where users often create pages to bash not only celebrities but also people at their school/office, even people they only know from online. I'm afraid a lot of people could get hurt by this and think its important to get this information out there and try to stop it!


I found this website that has an excuse for everything. It is called The Mother of All Excuses.
There are over 200 excuses list on this site and some of them a really good. You can even submit your favorite excuse that you use. Check the site out it is pretty interesting.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great Hair Tips:

1. Dont sleep with products in your hair e.g hairwax/hairgel, hairspray as the oils from it will rub onto your pillow and get onto your face and will cause pimples...also it's just bad for your hair

2. DO NOT wash your hair everyday as it dehidrates the scalp.

3. Don't wash your hair with hot water, it drys up the scalp and your hair will drop out.

4. If you dye your hair alot, dye it about every 6 months..NO LESS. If you do it less than that it stops moisture entering the hair shaft and you get BAD SPLIT ENDS

5. If you have oily hair, dont use conditioner

6. If you have dry hair, don't use the 2 in 1 conditioner - the 2 in 1 conditioner is not strong enought so buy shampoo and conditioner seperate

7. If you have dry hair, before you go to work or school get leave in conditioner rub it on your fingertips and run it through your protects the sun damaging your hair

8. If you have frizzy hair, rinse your hair with COLD water then use leave in conditioner every other day or dry your hair naturally

9. BUY THE RIGHT SHAMPOO10. Use a seramic iron .. dont use the metal hair will cook your hair silly
Acne Masks

Do you have acne problems or flairups at least once a month? I found 2 websites that has several different acne masks that work great. The ingredients are easy to find. I hope this helps.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Quote of the Day

" Live life to the fullest and never take it for granted. You'll have trials and tribulations but it was never promised to be easy. Just make sure by the time your journey's over that you've become a mountain climber!"

I've got bad news. Lip balm and chap stick manufacturers are making a fool out of you. Did you ever notice how if you use chap stick, it makes your lips feel glossy for awhile but then they get more chapped and more flaky? It's because they're supposed to. A lot of chap sticks have alcohol-based ingredients (look for anything that ends in -ol) that dry your lips out so you will keep using their product, becoming 'dependent' on it. You have to find all natural products without any alcohol and you will notice the difference, trust me. Kiehl's is a great brand, but if you go to any natural store you can find a huge array of options for your winter lip needs.

Lip balm companies like vaseline and blistex are the best for your lips, because the chemicals in them really do help your lips, like the achohol, which does help your lips


MAYBELLINE Mascara Samples
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