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How To Avoid The Hidden Hazards Of Stress And Physical Burnout

Many believe that the feeling of helplessness or burnout is caused by psychological rather than physical problems. Losing a job or a loved one, having a chaotic schedule, or maintaining an abusive or unhappy relationship are the usual reasons behind being stressed and burned out.

However, according to Dr Anna Lake, an expert in stress-related matters, this condition can also be caused by physical problems. Symptoms of burnout due to physical exhaustion may include restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, irritability, depression and even lack of concentration and memory lapses. If you feel the abovementioned symptoms, you should not give up. There are a lot of ways that can help you deal with the situation.

Beware Of The Sugar Rush

If you are feeling down, a few squares of dark chocolate can help boost your mood. However, this does not mean that you have to indulge in this sugary treat all the time. A diet high in carbohydrates, such as breads and pastas, also increases the levels of sugar in the blood. Doctors believe that the surges and dips of blood sugar levels can make people who are feeling burned out more depressed and irritable.

If you think you are stressed out, you need to stay away from sugar-rich foods in order to maintain your blood sugar to normal levels. Reducing your consumption of starchy foods, processed goodies, candies and other sugar-rich foods could dramatically improve your mood.

Eat Right

People who love consuming junk foods usually lack vitamins and minerals that are important to keep the body healthy and strong. It is but natural for people who lack nutrients in the body to feel weak, sickly and lethargic. Thus, to make your body strong and ensure that you have all the right vitamins and minerals you need in order for your body to function efficiently, you need to increase your intake of vegetables, fruits and good sources of protein

Have A Break

Always remember that you are not a robot or a machine. Your body cannot take endless hours of work. You need ample hours of sleep to revitalize your body and mind. Furthermore, a vacation or some relaxation is also necessary to recharge your system and prepare you physically, emotionally and mentally for the difficult tasks ahead

Don't Skip Exercise

Did you know that one perfect antidote for stress is exercise? Individual who live sedentary lives are actually more prone to feeling tired than those who make it a point to exercise everyday. Stretching, walking and other physical activities can not only give you more energy, they also provide you with better mood and a more positive outlook in life.

Heal Yourself With Deep Breathing

When you are in a middle of a very stressful situation, it may be a good idea to stop and start breathing deeply. When you are anxious about something or in a tight spot, you might find yourself doing things that can hurt other people and even yourself. In order for you not to do anything regrettable, it would be wise to close your eyes and slowly count to ten, while breathing deeply. After about two minutes of inhaling and exhaling deeply, you will be less tensed and stressed out.

Have A Makeover

One way to ease stress is to have a makeover. A change in hairstyle or a new pair of clothes or shoes can really make people, especially women, happy. Having a facial or buying a product that will make you beautiful like anti-aging creams to get rid of your wrinkles will also help you feel good about yourself. One product that is effective in minimizing wrinkles and improving texture of the skin is Dermaxin. For more information about Dermaxin, visit

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