Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diet Truths By Text

This is wild.
Every so often, my BFF and I will be sitting at some random restaurant, dining or enjoying cocktails. We’ll scan the menu, and try to fool ourselves that things are healthy.
"Well, this dessert will be fine. Look, it contains a fruit!"
"Yes, this does say spicy whitefish tempura. But it’s Japanese. They fry very lightly - hardly any breading or oil at all!"
"Of course, a cosmopolitan would normally be bad for you. But this one is pomegranate. The antioxidants cancel out the sugar!"
These conversations happen quite often. But now….we are *saved*! I just read on Hungry-Girl that there’s a database of about a million restaurant foods and their calories, fat, carbs, and protein - and you can access the nutritionals simply by texting the restaurant name and menu item to DIET1 (34381). Within seconds you’ll get the answer sent to your phone!
We shall never have to lie to ourselves again

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