Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top 5 tips for straight hair

  • Your perfect brush is a flat paddle brush with wide bristles that separate the hair without damage.
  • Avoid products with alcohol in their top three ingredients. Alcohol is great at helping tame thick, wavy hair but will make fine, straight strands cling together
  • Straight hair is the shiniest as light reflects from the cuticle.To maximize your natural asset, make the last rinse a cold one as this flattens the cuticle. Also, do the last two to three minutes of your blow-dry on the cool setting with the nozzle facing downwards. Shine serums will also help.
  • If you're aiming for volume, try not to handle your hair too much. Heat and oil from your palms can be enough to make fine hair floppy.
  • You can also add volume to your hair using colour Mix highlights and lowlights in three or four different shades to create depth and texture

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