Saturday, August 2, 2008

Great Hair Tips:

1. Dont sleep with products in your hair e.g hairwax/hairgel, hairspray as the oils from it will rub onto your pillow and get onto your face and will cause pimples...also it's just bad for your hair

2. DO NOT wash your hair everyday as it dehidrates the scalp.

3. Don't wash your hair with hot water, it drys up the scalp and your hair will drop out.

4. If you dye your hair alot, dye it about every 6 months..NO LESS. If you do it less than that it stops moisture entering the hair shaft and you get BAD SPLIT ENDS

5. If you have oily hair, dont use conditioner

6. If you have dry hair, don't use the 2 in 1 conditioner - the 2 in 1 conditioner is not strong enought so buy shampoo and conditioner seperate

7. If you have dry hair, before you go to work or school get leave in conditioner rub it on your fingertips and run it through your protects the sun damaging your hair

8. If you have frizzy hair, rinse your hair with COLD water then use leave in conditioner every other day or dry your hair naturally

9. BUY THE RIGHT SHAMPOO10. Use a seramic iron .. dont use the metal hair will cook your hair silly

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