Friday, August 8, 2008

Great Nail Tips

1.Filing your nails down at regular intervals instead of cutting them can increase the strength of the nail, and therefore help you to successfully grow them.

2.Nail biters can be deterred by types of nail varnish which gives the nail a bitter taste. Another way to try and stop biting your nails is to invest in false nails until yours have grown in. You won't be able to chew the false nails, and will eventually get rid of the habit. By the time you take the falsies off, your own will have grown in!

3.Change nail varnish regularly. Nails are living things with pores on their surfaces and they need to breathe. If you constantly wear varnish, nails may become weaker and more prone to breaking. They also may become discoloured, turning a slight yellowish colour.

4.Shiny topcoats available at drug stores aren't a waste of money. When worn over varnish they not only make your nails shinier and keep the varnish from chipping, they make your nails stronger too!

5.Before giving yourself a manicure, make sure to soak your hand in warm water. This not only loosens dirt beneath the nail for easy removal, it also softens the cuticle, making it easier to move back, and makes the nail itself less brittle, reducing the possibility of it splitting or cracking as you try to cut it.

6.If you're trying to get pretty, beach-ready feet, pick a shade of varnish slightly more vibrant than the shade you've used for your nails. Feet can generally handle a darker shade.

7.When picking varnish colours, bear in mind that the best nail varnish colours are ones that sit well against your skin tone. Pale pinky skin tones should go for pink or blue undertones, where olive skin can handle yellows, oranges and tans.

8.If you're trying to make short fingers look longer, pick a pale shade of varnish. Vibrant shades interrupt the line of the hand, making fingers appear shorter

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Anonymous said...

Some great tips here, thanks. I enjoyed the read.

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