Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Eye make-up should be applied according to the shape of your eye. Work out what shape your eyes are so you can enhance them accordingly.
  2. Cream shadows give a shiny, glossy look and the colour doesn't last long and will need lots of re-touching. Cream powder shadows give a more natural look and are more suitable for daytime use.
  3. Dark brown eye shadow blended into the outer corners of the eyelid, can soften edges and highlight the eyes.
  4. Be careful not to apply too much loose powder to skin around the eyes as it can emphasise fine lines.
  5. Eyebrow gel is a great alternative to a heavy pencil for day make-up. Use light feathery strokes to brush and set the brow in place
  6. Always check that your eye pencil is sharp before usage. This ensures that the colour only goes on where it should
  7. Apply eyeliner in a soft fine line, as close to your lash as possible.
  8. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before you apply mascara. This will open up the eye and give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes
  9. To tackle running mascara try applying it to your upper lash only or use a waterproof mascara on both lashes. Above all, don't rub your eyes, it can damage delicate eye tissue and guarantees racoon eyes.
  10. Mascara should be replaced every three months as it is a haven for bacteria and can quickly become clumpy.

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