Friday, August 1, 2008


I've got bad news. Lip balm and chap stick manufacturers are making a fool out of you. Did you ever notice how if you use chap stick, it makes your lips feel glossy for awhile but then they get more chapped and more flaky? It's because they're supposed to. A lot of chap sticks have alcohol-based ingredients (look for anything that ends in -ol) that dry your lips out so you will keep using their product, becoming 'dependent' on it. You have to find all natural products without any alcohol and you will notice the difference, trust me. Kiehl's is a great brand, but if you go to any natural store you can find a huge array of options for your winter lip needs.

Lip balm companies like vaseline and blistex are the best for your lips, because the chemicals in them really do help your lips, like the achohol, which does help your lips

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