Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to Use Scrapbooking Eyelets

Eyelet Scrapbooking Tools

Before you get started you will need to assemble a few tools for attaching eyelets. First, you need a small hammer. You can find small ones made especially for scrapbooking at your local craft store.
You also will need an eyelet setter. Scrapbooking manufacturers now make a variety of eyelet setters. The best way to choose one is to watch what others are using at your next scrapbooking crop. Make sure the setter is the appropriate size for your eyelets. Eyelets come in 3 different sizes.
Make sure your setter can accommodate the size you have chosen for your page.
An anywhere hole punch is another essential tool for attaching eyelets. This is different than the hole punches you may have used in school or in an office. An anywhere punch is not limited to punching holes only in the sides of a paper. It allows you to place a hole anywhere on the page.

To protect your work surface, you need a self-healing cutting mat. When you are pounding the eyelet into the page, you can easily damage wood, laminate and glass tables if you don't have a hard surface that can withstand dents between the paper and your table.
You could choose to purchase an eyelet setting kit from a scrapbooking store. These come with a hammer, anywhere hole punch and eyelet setter. Some also come with a small self-healing cutting mat.

How to Attach Scrapbooking Eyelets

To begin, use a pencil to lightly make the spot on your page where you want the eyelet. Use the anywhere hole punch to make a small hole. The punch will have a small tip at one end that cuts the hole in the paper. Place it against the paper, and use the hammer to give the other end of the punch a firm tap.
Hold your eyelet so the rounded, colored edge is up and facing you. Insert the other side into the hole on the paper. Carefully turn the page over so it is face down. Place the eyelet setting tool on the eyelet, and give the end of the tool a few taps with your hammer.
Turn your page over, and your eyelet should be attached to your page layout just where you wanted it. Use eyelets just as you would any scrapbooking embellishment. They work well to anchor or lace ribbons on a page and to attach charms. Try using an eyelet in a page title to dot letters like "i" and "j." Once you start using scrapbooking eyelets on your page layouts, you're sure to find many uses for them.

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