Friday, October 31, 2008

Some Tips For Organizing a Desk For Scrapbooking

Having a separate desk for scrapbooking is an excellent idea and a good investment when you really love this hobby and indulge in it often. Since there are so many small items you use for making scrapbooks, and because you need to keep the pages and paper nice and neat and free of damage, it is a good idea to have a separate area for your supplies. To really make the most of your desk for scrapbooking there are some things you should consider.

For one thing you should always keep everything on your desk for scrapbooking neat and organized. It's easy to let the small page elements and scrapbooking supplies get mixed up with one another but this can cause frustration when you're ready to actually make up some new page layouts. There are many containers and organizers you can buy that are specially made for scrapbooking organization, but remember that you can use just about anything to keep your items separate and organized. Egg cartons, paper cups, and even the plastic lids to things like hairspray can all keep those tiny embellishments organized (wash them out first of course!).

You should also consider keeping a trash bin near your desk for scrapbooking so that you can easily get rid of scrap paper, tape, and other discarded items so they don't get mixed in with necessary supplies. A separate cup or drawer for basic scrapbooking tools like scissors and paper cutters can keep things organized and neat as well; nothing is more frustrating than hunting around for the scissors or die cutter when your desk is covered in cardstock and other page elements.

Paper organizers are very inexpensive and can really help keep your desk for scrapbooking organized as well. These paper sorters are like stacked slots for different colored paper and will keep them from being bent or marked up. They also allow you to sort your paper by color and by pattern or theme.

Remember that when you have a desk for scrapbooking you don't need to keep everything right on the surface of the desk. Put a corkboard up on the wall in front of the desk; you can pin binder clips to it and use the clips to hold papers so that you don't need to use a pushpin with them. You can also pin envelopes to the corkboard and use these envelopes to keep small embellishments and stickers neat and organized. Clear plastic sandwich bags also work well allowing you to see exactly what is inside. Be sure to use the space under your desk for scrapbooking as well; a small cart with drawers is usually affordable and can easily stay next to or under your desk for easy storage access.

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I love that you are addressing scrapbooking on your blog. It is a big passion of mine. I will definitely check in more often.

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