Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shortcut key for windows

Here are the lists of all Windows key shortcuts; few are not listed on Microsoft website also.

Windows Key
Displays the Start Menu.

Windows key + E
Opens a new Explorer Window.

Windows key + D
Minimizes all windows and shows the Desktop.

Windows Key + D
Opens all windows and takes you right back to where you were.

Windows Key + F
Displays the Find all files dialog box.

Windows Key + L
Lock your Windows XP computer.

Windows Key + M
Minimizes all open windows.

Windows Key + Shift + M
Restores all previously open windows to how they were before you minimized them.

Windows Key + R
Displays the Run command.

Windows Key + F1
Displays the Windows Help menu.

Windows Key + Pause/Break
Displays the Systems Properties dialog box.

Windows Key + Tab
Cycle through the buttons on the Taskbar.

Windows Key + Ctrl + F
Find computer.

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