Monday, September 8, 2008

You Can Succeed During Tough Times—Here's How
By Shawn Karner

Energy prices are at record highs, the economy may be in recession, and people are getting laid off right and left. Does that mean you should put your hopes and dreams on hold until things get better?NO! Investing, spending, and saving conservatively during tough times is good advice. But it's NEVER a good idea to put off pursuing your dreams.In my day-to-day role as a Certified Wealth Consultant, I constantly hear from people who want to start their own business. "But is this a good time to start a new business?" they ask. "Wouldn't I do better to wait a few years until the economy perks up before I begin?"Most are pleasantly surprised when I tell them their success has little to do with outside conditions. The real key to you achieving your dreams is how YOU FEEL inside. Anyone who truly believes in themselves develops a rock solid plan for success, then works with determination to make their success a reality—that person will succeed any place, any time, and under any condition.I've seen people who didn't know where their next meal was coming from work hard at a solid plan and find themselves earning six figures a year later.

Here are five simple steps to achieving YOUR success, even in tough economic times:

1. Choose a business that involves something you love. Do something you truly enjoy and it won't seem like work. You will learn the business far faster. On difficult days you won't even think about giving up because you can't bear to stop doing what you love.

2. Develop and use a solid plan. You won't reach success if you have no idea where you are going. You can't make lots of money dabbling here, dabbling there, and not completing much of anything. So plan your work, then work your plan. Work your plan even when your spouse and closest friends get tired of it. Stay with your plan until it works.

3. Find others who have experience in the same business. Create your own mentor team of helpful people who have already learned from their own mistakes, research, and time in the trenches. Their experience will give you a huge leg up, letting you skip over pitfalls and leap toward early profits.

4. Give yourself frequent attitude checks. Everyone has days when they start to doubt their own abilities, the effectiveness of their plan, even their decision to start a business. On days when your attitude is down, take a break. Come back and work your business when you feel more positive.

5. Give yourself a pat on the back. Simply making the decision to own your own business puts you in the top percent of people living in North America...or anywhere in the world for that matter. You are showing you have the ambition and good sense it takes to achieve real success no matter what happens. Try these simple five steps as you plan your work, then work your plan. You'll find your path to wealth is far easier, far faster, and much more enjoyable.

Shawn Karner is a Certified Wealth Master Consultant and President & CEO of Amazing Horizons, LLC. I specialize in helping others build the life they dream of. See my sites:

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