Monday, July 28, 2008


I had a rather interesting experience the other day I received a call to do books for a brick and morter company online. I was not home to receive the call and the gentleman left a message. I called back and left him a message and instead of calling me back he sends an email that he wants to do the interview via Yahoo messenger. That threw a flag up but I went ahead and did it anyways. I was curious to say the least. As we are doing the interview via Yahoo messenger I started asking questions how about the job and the pay. I then went on to ask about the background of the company. The job seemed fairly simple because basically I was pulling the information from a POS database and entering into Quickbooks. The only thing that I really had to do over the phone was to call on anyone that may have a delinquent account. Now here is were it gets good. The gentleman then tells me that the checks will be sent to me and I was like why would they not be sent to your company? He then proceeds to get real nasty with me and say how can you say that you are a bookkeeper if you will not receive checks. I said look you may think I am stupid but you have picked the wrong person to scam . Then there was silence. He would not answer any of my IM's. I waited and he finally came back. So I proceeded to say I currently do virtual bookkeeping and also have clients that are local. I do not deposit any of there checks into my personal account. I asked him what kind of scam he was running on innocent people. He never responded to me again. I wonder how many innocent people he has got to work for his company.

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